How To Book A Lesson

Step By Step Guide

First you must create an account and sign in. Then browse or search for lessons, and click "contact tutor" on the lesson to send a message through the LearnByCam messaging system. You should ask questions to enable you to decide which tutor you want to teach you.

Once you have chosen your tutor, you pay a small fee to release the tutor's contact details to you. Simply click on the tutors name on your "My Account" page then click on "Purchase Tutor's Contact Details" and follow the instructions.

After you have received the tutor's contact details, the next step is booking a lesson. To do this, follow this simple guide...

  1. Agree whether the lesson will take place using Skype, WebEx or some other messaging tool.Tick
  2. Exchange Skype or WebEx user information.Tick
  3. Agree when the lesson will take place.Tick
  4. Agree lesson content and discuss any requirements.Tick
  5. Ensure you have read - "Be Safe Online".Tick
  6. Pay for your lesson by selecting the PayPal 'Buy Now' button on the lesson page.Tick
  7. Enjoy your lesson and remember to leave feedback afterwards.Tick