Architectural Engineering - Statics

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Evaluate and determine resultant forces acting on particles, Rigid Bodies, Beams, and Determinant Structures/Frames.


60 Minute Lessions of your choice including example problems.

-Equilibrium of Particles, Forces in 3-D Space, Moments of Couples, Equilbrium of Rigid Bodies, Analysis of Structures, Centroid Calculations, Frames, Internal forces in beams, shear and moment diagrams, moments of inertia, parallel axis theorm, friction, and Truss Analysis.


I would advise for those taking this course in conjunction with a college or high school level course that you begin with the basics of statics being equilibrium states of particles, however if you are stuck on a particular item I would be more than happy to assist and jump to that lesson.

No text book required, but I will recomend practice problems at the end of each lesson.

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