Bass Guitar Lesson

Price : US $10.00

Any age and any level of experience can be taught. First lesson would consist mostly of a very casual student overview of basically what student already knows. I will ask the student to show me a couple of different things, just to get a round-a-bout idea as to what we need to work on first. Then we will talk about the goal(s) (what your plan is, where you wanna go with the bass guitar, what you kinda wanna work to get to, people you wanna play like, and stuff like that). This will tell me what i need to prepare for the student the following lesson(s). This will most likely take up all of the 30 min, but in the case that it doesn't, we can start in the direction the student prefers.

For those students keenly interested in learning the essence of the bass guitar, the typical lesson would include the following:

-Theory (scales, modes, blocks, chords, etc.)

-Right and left hand technique

-Application of Theory and Hand Techniques through Various Songs both suggested by student and provided by myself

-Finger exercises for both the right and left hand

-Creativity and improvisation is emphasized (i can teach you everything i know, but inevitably you need to unleash the musician within you)

(this is a lot of information to be taught consecutively, but depending on the learning speed of student, this will be the goal of each lesson)

There will always be things the student can do outside of lessons. Practicing what we go over would be considered 'Homeowrk'. Homework completion is prefered but is technically not mandatory for each lesson.

Hope to see the potential in YOU!!!

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1168 Administrator 25 Feb 2011 23:23:27
Elibass981 from United States provides professional one to one Bass Guitar lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.