Accent Softening and Elocution

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Accent Softening, also referred to as accent reduction or accent modification.

People with accents often feel that they do not want to be identified and stereotyped because of their accents, whether regional or foreign.

Being in absolute command of the English language, speaking RP and knowing the often unknown rules of intonation, thereby enabling a more polite and courteous communication, is conducive towards anyone’s professional career development.

Our accent softening classes helps both non-native and native English speakers lose their accents quicker and helps to develop a fluent, confident and effective way of communicating.

My Method

We employ a systematic methodology to teach how to speak the Queen's English (RP), which involves teaching all of the vowels, diphthongs, consonants and will thereafter focus on rhythm and intonation of the English language. The progress depends on the effort each individual student puts in to practice given exercises, however, what we do during the course, is not only to point out, which particular sounds requires improvement, but to also provide specific exercise to practice forming a new habit, which enables students to reduce their foreign accent.

You can watch a very brief lesson, which I recently gave to Frank Skinner on the BBC as shown below.

You can also read more about me on

Having a clear diction gives you that edge in today’s competitive corporate environment.


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Accentsoftening from United Kingdom provides professional one to one Elocution lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.