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Komal Biradar

I am ex journalist who is working as a freelancer. I am passionated about writing, teaching and speaking. I cook food beacuse it makes my soul happy. I am because I cook.

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I am ex journalist having experience in almost every type of media. I worked as tv reporter. I was sub editor for news website. I worked in event management team of news paper. I worked as intern in Times of India. I published three college news paper as editior. I have news writing and feature article writing experience in different newspapers and magazines.  I also tries to write on current topics through social media. I have degree in International Journalism course by UNISCO. In this course I will teach you basics of writing news and articles.

I am ex journalist who worked as reporter in news channel,I have my own food blog as well as social blog. I am social person who us all social media accounts to express. I won different eassy writing and debate competitions at the same time I learnt best cooking from my mom and grandmother. I try to make fusion of dishes won different food competitions.
I am very talkative person who always share knowledge. I like to teach. I think teaching is two way process in wich both share knowledge and information.
I don't have any criminal background


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komalbiradar1 from India provides professional one to one Other lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.