violin + viola classes from a symphony orchestra member

Ana Komarica

I'm Ana and I'm a graduated violist, a permanent member of Symphony orchestra "Stanislav Binicki" in Belgrade, Serbia. Before passing the audition in orchestra in January of 2017, I was a professor of viola and violin in a special boarding school for musically gifted children for five years. I was a member of Royal chamber orchestra St. George for 4 years and took part in many world tours.

Price : US $25.00

In my classes, you will receive many informations about your instrument, posture, intonations, technique, and music expression. I can give you advices about music theory, how to act on stage and reach your performing goals. Feel free to ask anything you want to know, good communication and transfer of knowledge will speed up your progress.
I teach children and adults, we can prepare together auditions, concerts, exams, or any program you would like to play for yourself.

I played in the National Radio and Television orchestra in Serbia, Orchestra of National theater of Serbia, National Symphony orchestra of Montenegro and National Symphony orchestra in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. My students got 25 1st and few 2nd awards in republic and international competitions, and all of them signed in to desired academies in Germany, Canada and Serbia as first on the list and with full scholarships. We still keep in touch :)
I tend to explain to students as simply and as effectively as possible. My students enjoy classes, love to play and ask many questions :) I insist on good technique and posture, because even if it takes a little bit more time in the beginning, in makes future progress easy and fast.
I am a member of Military Symphony orchestra. When I applied for this job, military did a background check in my previous work place, with my neighbors, my family, do I have a record in police etc. I wouldn't even be able to participate in the process of getting a job in military if everything wasn't clean.

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7773 Administrator 13 Oct 2020 08:36:26
AnaKomarica from Serbia provides professional one to one Violin lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.