Wie geht's ? ( German conversation)


Native German, but have lived abroad 15 years. I lived and worked in Ireland for 7 years and have now been living in The Netherlands for 8 years. My friends say I am a good listener and show empathy. My background is in business and Information technology with US software companies. I studied English at university and was trained and certified as a bilingual business secretary for English and German.

Price : US $25.00

Also covers proofreading.

Ich ermutige Dich, viel zu sprechen. Gleich, ob Du Anfänger oder weit fortgeschritten bist. Stelle mir viele Fragen. Lass und wichtige Ausdrücke aufschreiben, so dass Du sie jederzeit wiederholen kannst.

80/ 20 Prinzip: Du sprichst 80%, ich coache Dich nur!

Topics for conversation can be from my tutor compass (filling 10 lessons) or any topic of your choice.

Difference to my tutorials:

Chat and video call only. NOT included are:
Links to useful study material, homework, shared document with all resources (audio recordings, videos, etc.), availability on Skype for your questions

Learn, write, speak, repeat and apply new words and expressions whilst we are meeting.

See you soon!



I have had achievements in my field of software sales. One of my youngest students currently is a 16 year-old girl from Moscow who I am tutoring to win the German Olympiad in Moscow next year. I have also been preparing students for German-speaking job interviews.
All levels. Ages from 16 to 120 Listening comprehension Writing Grammar Speaking I use my consulting experience with you with good questioning techniques.
I can show you my LinkedIn profile. All my employers over the last fifteen years have done the usual mandatory background checks on me. AT request, I may also look up proof on my local drive for you.

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7719 Administrator 05 Oct 2019 08:13:59
Ruediger from Netherlands provides professional one to one German lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.