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Bert Unger

I was born and raised in Germany. To be exact, in Northern Germany. It's a bit cooler there and people are a bit more closed. But over the years I've travelled a lot and gained experience as a teacher and scientist abroad. That's why I learned that stereotypes are usually very entertaining, but have nothing to do with the individual reality of people. In my spare time I am currently learning Cantonese and Mandarin and reading books as often as my time allows.

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As a professional teacher with a specialization in teaching German as a Second Language as well as a Masterís Degree in German, I have the training to help you to achieve your German language goals. I also have the experience needed to guide you in your learning. I have taught German to High School and University students, to Bankers and Immigration Officials, for examination and enjoyment purposes.

For the last years, I lived in Germany and China and taught German and Science at Universities. So I have already had a lot of experience with international students in PreStudies Programs. Furthermore I helped students achieve higher education entrance qualifications and required language skills. I can also assist you in other exams such as Telc, Goethe Zertifikat, TestDaF, DSH etc.

My teaching style is a classic mix of lecture style and interactiv and interactivity. In my experience, students who actively participate in a class learn more. My goal is to teach a class in which every student is engaged, asks questions, and solves problems. My development as a teacher has been, and will continue to be, deeply influenced by this goal.

Basically, there are only 3 large level ranges. 

Level A is the first language level you reach when you start learning German. At this level you will acquire the basic knowledge of the German language and grammar and at this level you will be able to understand and use everyday expressions and very simple sentences. Of course, this level is not enough to communicate in everyday life, but it is the most important basis to successfully reach higher levels.

Level B is the language level that you reach when you leave the beginner area. At this intermediate level you will have the most knowledge of the German language and 90% of German grammar and at this level you will be able to understand and use 60% of expressions and related sentences. You will be able to communicate perfectly in everyday life and for most service professions it is sufficient as an entry point. 

Level C is the language level you will reach if you are aiming for academic or professional goals in German. At this level, professional and abstract topics are discussed and individual vocabulary for professional and academic purposes is core. Spontaneous presentations and a deep understanding of all types of texts are the main focus. 


After my Abitur I first completed a classical teaching degree. After that I did not teach at a school, but worked as a coordinator for the Brecht Archive of the Berlin Academy of Arts. At the same time, I completed a Master's degree in Cultural Studies and Linguistic Globalization. After that I started my career as a scientific teacher and German lecturer.
My teaching style is a classic mixture of short explanations, interactivity and student presentations. In my experience, the time during an online lesson is useful to use, so that the speaking part and the language activity should be with the student. Due to the special difficulties of the German language, I also try to bring some fun into the lessons.


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BertUnger from China provides professional one to one German lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.