Basic electrical and electronics: Concepts and principles


I am Soumyadeep from India, a postgraduate professional and a former assistant professor in electronics and telecommunication engineering. I have been into teaching for over 6 years and glad to tell that I have been acknowledged by most students and institutions for my courses and classes. I have mostly interests in reading, teaching, sports and writing essays and poems. Although I like music too which i sometimes teach people as a hobby.

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Learn about the basics of electonics and electrical circuits in my course which covers almost entire syllabus as per university rules. Following lessons and chapters shall be concluded during the coursework along with practicals and tests post each lessons.

  1. Electrical theory
  2. Resistance and circuits
  3. Capacitance and circuits
  4. Inductance and circuts
  5. RC filters concepts
  6. Impedance and reactance
  7. Semiconductor principles
  8. Operational Amplifier

Complementary notes and book references shall be provided alongwith the lectures conducted during the course. Each of the lessons shall be concluded briefly with applications, theories, formulas concepts and mathematical problems for reference. 

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Being a member of the IEEE: wireless society and chapters my goal always has been in acquiring knowledge and guiding students in various subjects Formerly i have conducted tutoring lessons in USA,UK and japan in this subjects and also currently guiding and helping students in major universities for this subject.
My lectures also include video lectures and animation guidance for better understanding of the concepts to help with the clarification of doubts. Also I conduct weekly and monthly tests of the lessons as like an practice examination for students to cope up during the actual exam and be confidently prepared for the same. I also provide my own lecture notes and reference textbooks which shall guide passively for more information on the subjects.
Although I strive my best to provide the best of the teaching experience to students in an interactive and clarified method. Apparently there has been no such complaints or queries about my courses besides i have been acknowledged well for my affordable way to teach and guide the students in a proactive manner.

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soumya2019 from India provides professional one to one Electrical Eng lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.