prepare for CLAT 2019 Quantitative Aptitude section

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As we know in CLAT exam, 20 questions are asked in Quantitative Aptitude section. Normally you will have 20 – 25 minutes to solve this section and if you can get 15+ marks out of 20 marks, then you have performed well in this section. The questions asked are from different topics, mainly Numbers, Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, Average, Alligation, Time & Work, Profit, Loss & Discount, Time, Speed & Distance, Geometry, Mensuration, Simple & Compound Interest, Ages, Equations, Calendars and Partnership. Though some questions are asked from topics like Permutation, Combination, Probability, Sets, Indices, Clocks etc, they do not contribute more than 1 or 2 questions per test.

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Most of these topics are of very basic nature and students have studied them till standard 10. So to score 15+ marks out of 20 marks in this section will not be a tough task.

There are two stages of preparation – Concept building and Practice. For concept building, you can refer to your text books up to standard 10 or can study from relevant subject books available in the market or take advantage of study material and online video lectures of Once you have identified the most important topics, start working on them one by one. First complete all theory concepts related to one topic, then solve variety of questions on that topic to cover the entire area and finally draw a road map of approaches of solving these questions mentally. After this you can write a test or two on that topic to check your progress. In case of any difficulty in any question or topic, you can consult to your teacher or There are two types of questions asked in Quantitative Aptitude section – One is formula based and the other one is application based. The application based questions require deeper understanding of the topic. You have to develop a logical approach to solve these questions.


Once all the important topics are covered, you can now go to the second stage of preparation, i.e. practice. So far you have practiced questions topic wise. Now solve the entire Quantitative Aptitude section (20 questions) in 20 – 25 minutes. Give yourself easy targets initially (say 10 marks) and gradually increase them. Try to solve as many questions possible mentally and use options to get to the answers quickly. After the test, analyse the test thoroughly. Identify the topics that require revision, mistakes you committed (poor time management, marked incorrect answer etc). Revise the concepts of any topic if required and develop the correct approach of writing the test. Apply the learning from the previous test into the next test. Once you have practiced enough questions section wise, now the next step will be to solve mock tests for CLAT. Remember practice is the key to success.



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