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I provide vocal training for singers, actors, and other clients involved in public speaking. I also teach: Songwriting Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Trombone Music Theory Exam Preparation for IGCSE, AS-Level, A-Level, and BA Music (Bachelor’s Degree).

Price : US $35.00

Learn mixed voice singing, a musical instrument (violin, viola, cello, piano), or songwriting and composition, and music theory online with me. I am a voice coach and music tutor with more than twenty years teaching experience.

I will help you establish and improve your technique, build skills, reduce performance anxiety, find your signature style, and take care of your voice and body. Students report an increase in mood and confidence after working with me.

As well as singers, I work with public speakers, teachers, and other people who overuse their voices in their jobs, and help clients with any last minute needs, such as audition prep for school and university entry, or TV auditions. Some clients come to me for extra help with auditions and technique, before they start a long period of performing, e.g. in theatre shows, or to prepare for a heavy touring schedule.

I am a professional songwriter for numerous signed artists and publishing companies.
I am enhanced-background checked in UK and Spain.


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VoiceCoachWorld from Spain provides professional one to one Singing lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.