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Hello,we are going to be looking at Verbs today.Why start with Verbs?We start with verbs because they are very important in learning any language.To have a good mastery of English language you ''must''know verbs.

What is a verb?A verb is simply a word which occurs in every sentence to show:Action ,state or Ownership.


-Action: Read,Write,Study,Play

-State:They are learning,She is sad,He is teaching

NB:Are,is was,were are the most common verbs in English

-Ownership:l have a cat,she has a book,we have a car

NB:Every sentence has a verb.If there is no verb in your sentence,then it's not correct.

                      vocabulary list



1) l----------------------- 20 years old(are,am,is)

2)You-------------------- Golf(make,play,give)

3)She-------------------- a question(a,has,are)

4)The girl-------------- water(reads,wants,begins)








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