How can you focus on your study more precisely

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Hi everyone , Here i am Your New Instructor / Teacher. But you can also take me as your friend :) 

Well , Fisrt of all i really wanna tell you about ''How to study'' . Everyone knows that today era is very very busy ,everyone has a lot of chores to do while during stduy . So, today i gonna share a few simple tips with you which can help you a lot to study easily.

1) Pay attention to details 

Means you have to foucs on the main point of the topic , if you got that your study will be easy and you can secure your much time by focusing and paying attention to details.

2) Testing Yourself 

Everyone one has an IQ level, some students learn easliy ,while on the other hand some students need more time to understand the basic point of the topic ,well its not a big deal :) You have to testing your self by memorizing things. it can help you a lot to jugde yourself.

3) Dont waste your time 

It is seen that most of the students are reading books all the day . Seriously , This is not a good way to study because if you keep studying all the day while doing some chores and talking someone then you dont get memorize your lesson easily. Contrast this if you study just 2 Hours a day with proper attention and zeal then you can learn easliy your lesson and get rid from sitting all the day on study table.

4) Clear your concepts 

While studying your 1st prefer to get the concept. No matter how long is the subject or question or whatever , if you will get the concept then you can easily learn your lesson.

I am 100% sure that if you pick all the above tips then you can get good marks and grades in exams :) IN SHA ALLAH 

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