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Alison Moore

Teacher of English as a Foreign Language/English as a Second Language for over twenty years. Postgraduate teaching certificate Greenwich University and a Royal Society of Arts Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults. Taught for the British Council in Hong Kong for two years. Over twenty years teaching English as a Second Language in the Adult and Community Classes and Further Education in Bexley,Greenwich and West Sussex.

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I am here to help you whatever your requirements, whether that is conversation, pronunciation, grammar, reading, writing, job applications, help with English for your college assignment, exam preparation (IELTS, City and Guilds, B1), learning to write for the first time or support with dyslexia needs.

We will discuss that you want to learn and what your aims are, how you like to learn and what you are interested in. We will then find out your starting point and build from that basis. I will source or make materials that are relevant and interesting for you. We will build a programme together.

I have taught students from all over the world and at every level and love talking to them and learning from them. At the moment I am teaching a group of Syrians who have recently arrived in the UK. They are beginners so I have prepared lessons and materials to help them learn about their new local environment whilst improving their English. For example we have done several lessons about their local hospital (where to find the correct department, how to talk to reception, how to fill in a medical form, how to describe symptoms) and how to get around using local buses. I work hard to make sure that my students improve their English in a way that is relevant to their lives.

I am excited about webcam teaching because in my current job, in a class with many students, you can't always help a student with individual needs. For example, in an intermediate level class, I sometimes have students who can speak an intermediate level of English but who can only write at elementary level. It is difficult to help them properly whilst also teaching a large class!!! But when I meet you online I will be able to concentrate on what you really want and need and therefore you will be able to make good progress




I helped a class of Diego Garcian students to learn basic reading and writing in English. I helped a Mauritian student with her degree course assignments (editing, help with grammar). I have helped many students succeed with job applications and interviews. I have supported students with English required to succeed in their job eg report writing for carers. I have recently helped a student pass her B1 exam for British Citizenship.
experience of teaching adults with very little or no English experience of teaching adults with very little or no literacy in English or their own language experience of teaching adults with dyslexia experience of helping students pass B1 and the Life in the UK Test


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alijogg from United Kingdom provides professional one to one English lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.