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After 25 years in the USA as a successful businessman and consultant, I teach classes, seminars, and lectures around the world. At this time in my life, I enjoy teaching and have committed to helping adults and corporations with English business and communication problems. I am also writing multiple books on English speaking and business communication skills.

Price : US $28.00

I am an American English business coach / teacher specializing in advanced business and English communication skills. After 25 years in the USA as a successful businessman and consultant, I teach classes, seminars, and lectures around the world. 

My Students:

Most of my students are intermediate to advanced English level with a need for communication and business assistance. I have taught thousands of students at international corporations, universities, foreign governments, and seminars. 

My Method:

My lessons are custom to solve my student's needs with an emphasis on interaction and 'real world' usage. With 25 years of successful business experience in starting businesses, management and consulting, I teach real world of business (effective sales, negotiations, business growth, creative ideas, management and much more).  

Custom lessons are available for classes, tutoring, business training, interview preparation, team building, seminars and creative activities.


I give a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Yes, it is rare but I have seen the success and will stand behind it. I believe that my students should NOT pay if I don’t provide quality service.

Popular Topics: 

Some topics require a higher business and English level. Some topics may require additional lessons. 

English Speaking / Communication Skills

Speak with Confidence



How to think faster while speaking

IELTS Speaking preparation

Formal Writing


Idioms, Slang, and Phrasal Verbs

Cultural Differences

How to think more creative (very popular)

Best sales techniques (multiple business levels available)

Power of networking (advanced to professional business levels only)

Effective marketing (multiple levels available)

Negotiations (American) (advanced to professional business levels only)

Advertising design

Improving customer service (multiple business levels available)

Be better than your competition (advanced to professional business levels only)

International business culture

Team building

Brainstorming for new ideas

Management (American) (multiple business levels available)

CRM – Customer Relations Management (advanced to professional business levels only)

Building a brand (advanced to professional business levels only)

Being a leader (multiple business levels available)

Giving business presentations

Business strategy (advanced to professional business levels only)


International Business Trade

Supply and Demand economics (advanced to professional business levels only)

How to motivate

HR – Human Resources

Business meetings

Business idioms & colloquial English

(Specific industries are available)


I do not accept all clients. My goal is to provide the best solution and I only have time for motivated students. My prices are low but I reserve the right to refuse clients.

Prices start at only $20 / hour and are based on the situation. I do CUSTOM lessons so many factors must be considered for the price (location, number of students, topic, etc.) I will be happy to discuss your situation and the price. I do give a satisfaction guarantee. References are available.

Teaching certification Real Estate certification BS in Business from the University of Texas
Though I do have an English teaching certification, I choose not to teach from standard ESL grammar books. Many good grammar teachers are available for the book method. My training is custom to solve my student’s needs, and I prefer to use more interaction with ‘real world’ situations. My method is FAST and very effective. I have my own books on business and English communication.

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