Lesson n. 1 - Introduction to Portuguese

Hugo Bittencourt

My name is Hugo, I'm originally from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. I've recently finished my postgraduate course in Human Rights and, as a native speaker with teaching experience, I am able to teach spoken and written Portuguese to a high standard (including for legal purposes). I'm a very energetic and enthusiastic person, so whatever your goals and objectives are with this wonderful language, rest assured you'll have a dedicated teacher.

Price : US $12.00

As the first lesson, I'd be introducing the language to the student, assuming they would be starting from scratch and have had no previous contact with Portuguese. 

Firstly, the most basic topic to be taught is the Alphabet, since the knowledge of the individual sounds of each letter is fundamental to be able to pronounce full words correctly.

Then, I'd teach a brief conversation where I'd introduce myself to the student and the student would have to learn how to respond to that and introduce themselves based on what they have just learned. (Olá / Tudo bem? / Como você está? / Meu nome é ... / Eu sou a/o...).

After that, as in every lesson, there is a section dedicated to vocabulary only, and at this point, I'd do numbers (0 - 10) and maybe colours depending on the immediate progress of the student.  

To end the lesson, I'd introduce the verb to be (ser/estar) to the student, so they can read about it on their own before the next class, and therefore will be more prepared to understand how the verbs work and then have a more efficient lesson. 


I've worked as a teaching assistant within the Portuguese and Literature Department of a high school/college in Rio de Janeiro. This teaching and assisting position required good management and organizational skills. (2013-2014). While living in Portugal, I signed up to teach languages (Portuguese and English) in a voluntary program named "Speak". This brilliant idea allowed students who had a tight budget to still be able to study languages for free. (2017) Private Tuition (2011-2017)


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HugoBittencourt from United Kingdom provides professional one to one Portuguese lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.