Nothingness and regres

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     When is none became the someone, how that someone missed it. Every I, wich in its narcissismm and destroy themselves and others around them

makes      room for nothingness and the new decadent establishment. I never shares through obsessiones in development, on no other that can and

must be a r    reflection of healthy social enviroment defined rules is siking into his own only destruction. Selfishness and ego mania, wich is conseqence

of the absence of the natural order and the product of annimal intelligence instincts, thesis and draw only predation only promotion. Market of selfish

I will use for forcing a new mode of vivendi. Devastating is the fact that table that modus of escalating and turn into an epidemic. Such epidemic of

faithfully gathers followers without criteria, anyone is infected with new ideology. Each innovation is no necessary essential.

   Ana Djordjevic inspired by Max Weber


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