Basic Thai for English Speakers

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In order to have a well-rounded foundation of the Thai language, it is important for students to have a complete understanding of the unique Thai alphabet; how to write, read, and the difference it can make to Thai grammar. Students will learn to identify, read (pronounciation), and write the complete Thai alphabet. For English speakers, I will demonstrate how the Thai alphabet and the English alphabet can be very similar, allowing the students to remember better. The phonetics of each Thai alphabet will be taught within the first class, so the student can have a basic understanding of Thai communication. Students will also learn to spell (formation of words) and read words in Thai, and will learn the usage of basic Thai phrases. Recommendation for this course is at least 2 hours per week. 


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5394 Administrator 17 Oct 2016 08:08:07
muttam24 from Thailand provides professional one to one Language lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.