Wolof Lessons: Senegalese most speaking language

Djim Thiam

I graduated from a higher technical certificate in IT, office automation, management and computer care repair. Since many years in my free time I do self-education about 2D/3D design and video composing. Outside of my professional duties, I participated in several activities in local development of several local authorities of my country.

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I offer you to start learning and improve your skill of wolof speaking in easy way by following simple step by step method.

  1. First we'll start by basics essential to start a conversation, alphabetic and simple phonetic to learn building easy words and little by little expressions and sentences.
  2. Next we'll try to see what is the structure of Wolof language. Always in spirit of beginning from simple to advanced level, we will see and try to learn the foundation of Wolof grammar and conjugation.
  3. Intermediate steps relative to each level, we will do some literatures to illustrate and practice what we learned. Also we'll do exercises related to each step.
  4. Advanced learning where students will be deeply in contacts and exchanges with Wolof culture with support of audio and video documents, live conversations with third-party peoples to improve realistic exchanges.


Résumé :

Je vous propose de commencer à apprendre et à améliorer vos compétences de langue wolof de manière simple en suivant simplement méthode étape par étape.

  1. Nous allons d'abord commençons par bases essentielles pour démarrer une conversation, phonétique alphabétique et simple à apprendre la construction de mots faciles et peu à peu des expressions et des phrases.
  2. Ensuite, nous allons essayer de voir ce qui est la structure de la langue Wolof. Toujours dans l'esprit du début du plus simple au niveau avancé, nous allons voir et essayer d'apprendre les bases de la grammaire et la conjugaison Wolof.
  3. Des étapes intermédiaires relatives à chaque niveau, nous ferons quelques littératures pour illustrer et pratiquer ce que nous avons appris. Aussi, nous ferons des exercices liés à chaque étape.
  4. L'apprentissage avancée où les étudiants seront profondément contacts et échanges avec la culture wolof avec l'appui de documents audio et vidéo, conversations en direct avec les peuples tiers pour améliorer les échanges réalistes.
-1992 Certificate of Primary Study -1997 Middle Patent Study -2000 Bachelor (L2 Series) -2003 Higher Diploma in Computer, Office and Management -2005 Microsoft Certified (approved by Microsoft Certification) on Microsoft® Office and Microsoft® Windows® systems.
I'm able to teach Wolof (the senegalese most speaking local language) to French and english students. I think this is a good way to make them discover our culture.

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5263 Administrator 31 Dec 2015 11:33:50
Djimthiam from Senegal provides professional one to one Language lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.