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  • Mathematical models are used to understand, predict and optimise engineering systems. Many of these systems are deterministic and are modelled using differential equations. Others are random in nature and are analysed using probability theory and statistics. This course provides an introduction to differential equations and their solutions and to probability and statistics, and relates the theory to physical systems and simple real world applications. Topics covered are: Ordinary differential equations, including first and second order equations and series solutions; Fourier series; partial differential equations, including the heat equation, the wave equation, Laplace's equation and separation of variables; probability and statistical methods, including sampling and probability, descriptive statistics, random variables and probability distributions, mean and variance, linear combinations of random variables, statistical inference for means and proportions and linear regression.
Chemical Engineering University of Lancaster, UK Occupational Health & Safety Act. (OSHA). Dust Explosion Certification
Taught many A-Levels , O-Levels Cambridge students. Conceptual study techniques. Basic concept will be cleared before further complications.


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