Learn How to Pass GCSE's and AS or A Level Exams

Jade Harvey

I have been awarded a 1st Class Honours (top 1%)BSc in Physical Geography and Environmental Chemistry from a top 10 UK University. I teach a range of science topics across Geography, Chemistry and Biology. I work in schools running homework clubs, exam and university preparation, how to succeed at school lectures and tutor one on one with either students looking for individual help in how to excel at their curriculum or for those that need help improving their English.

Price : US $60.00

I have access to the full curriculum for the UK GCSE's and AS/A Levels and have worked as a marker for several years. Let me guide you through the pitfalls to avoid to ensure you get the best mark possible for your work.

I can help you to:

  • Understand marking criteria
  • Test your comprehension of exam questions
  • Learn how to quickly and efficiently work out what is required in a question, then how to answer it to get the best marks
  • How to structure your answers
  • Build confidence in answering questions - develop your vocabulary and use of exam appropriate language
  • Learn how to revise in a way which seems easy and simple - I will help you/design revision cards for you
  • Help you to prepare for exams so you do not get flustered/worried/anxious
  • Work on key 'hack's that will help you to achieve the best results in the shortest time
Winner of The University of London Best Science Dissertation (Thesis) 2010 - Academic Excellence Awards in Geography each year of A-levels and Undergraduate Degree. I have worked in schools in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and have worked with children and adults with a wide range of learning disabilities both in schools and in the field - teaching skiing and Environmental Science.
I can help you to improve on: --> Comprehension of Exam Questions/Coursework requirements --> Any area of science but particularly Geography, Environmental Science, Chemistry and Biology --> English as a Second Language --> I work extremely well with those with learning disabilities
Full Disclosure CRB - UK, Current Full Criminal Records Check - UK, Current Working With Children Check - Australia, Current Full Criminal Records Check - Australia, Current Full Criminal Records Check - New Zealand, Current


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JadeHarvey from United Kingdom provides professional one to one Reading & Writing lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.