UK Key Stage 3 Mathematics - Yr 7,8,9


I grew up in a small village in East Yorkshire. I attended the University of Greenwich to study BSc Mathematics and graduated in July 2014. I moved to China in August 2014 to be an English teacher in a Chinese school. It was a fantastic experience and gave me an insight into a vastly different culture to my own (and of course, the food was incredible!). I have now returned to the UK to study for an MSc in Mathematics. In my spare time, I love to read and bake. I make great cookies!

Price : US $10.00

This lesson is available to students studying in Year 7, 8 and 9. It can be tailored to the area of maths that you find most difficult. We will establish these areas and any other concerns you may have in the first lesson (it's free!). If you are unsure of your ability, the first lesson can be spent assessing you strong and weaker areas. 

A typical lesson plan would be as follows:

0-10 minutes: A discussion of the topic to be covered. Some simple practice questions.

10-20 minutes: We will work through a more difficult (or examination) question concerning the topic, going step by step.

20-27 minutes: A chance to attempt the question alone with immediate feedback.

27-30 minutes: An opportunity to ask any relevant questions and giving homework if required.

All materials would be sent to you at least 24 hours before the lesson. A perfect answer paper to all lesson examples will be sent immediately after the class.

BSc Mathematics - First Class Honours TEFL Cerificate - Pass (93%)
DBS Check 2014 Chinese Equivalent 2014-2015


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5172 Administrator 12 Jul 2015 08:39:41
HeatherC from United Kingdom provides professional one to one Mathematics lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.