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Learning a new language can be a challenge. Especially when the lessons are not planned to suit your needs and interests. We're all different and that's how I create my lessons. 

Hi, I'm Angela! I have been a teacher for several years with public and private schools. I am from the United States and soon will be moving to China. I love to travel and have helped people from other countries learn basic English skills.

After years of being a teacher you learn that tailoring to the individual needs of the students is a must. With my lessons the first time there will be a FREE 30 minute consultation. We will get to meet eachother and decide if we're a right fit. I will ask some simple questions to get more of an understanding of your expectations, interests and needs. Then I will let you know how I think I can help you learn your new language. It's that simple!

There is no commitment on your end. You either schedule or don't that is your decision.

Each lesson will last 30 minutes. If you want a full hour then you will schedule two lessons a week. I made them 30 minutes, because I feel it helps one to take time out of their day. At times you will get an hour, because I will have you review and do homework; prior to class. 

You can count the homework part as the free end of an hour of learning. This way you don't have to have a long grewling hour commitment every session. You'll have the freedom to work with me for 30 minutes and do 30 minutes on your own, before our next scheduled class time. Sound good? I thought so!

I hold a TEFL/TESOL teaching certificate, with Specializations in teaching 'One-to-One' & 'Online.'

I also have a Bachelors Degree from an accreditated University in the USA. 

Best of Luck with your new Language!

Warm Regards,


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5143 Administrator 05 Jun 2015 08:48:18
Angelaf from United States provides professional one to one English lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.