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Alexandra Dalorto

My name is Alexandra. I am a British nativive English speaker. I love to travel and meet new people, my teaching experience has lead me to work in Spain and Thailand. I came grew up in Spain part of my childhood and found English to be very boing and repetitive, this is what inspired me to became a TEFL teacher. My personality is quite open and jolly, I'm very confident and like to meet new people. My hobbies are reading, drawing and outdoor activities.

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Hi there! I am a certified TEFL teacher and a native British English speaker. I have experience teaching English as a forigen language to adults from the most basic level to those wishing to sit their B1,B2,C1 and C2 Cambridge exams including business English for universities. I am a fluent Spanish both written and spoken I have plenty of experience with the aching students sitting A levels and GCSE'S.

What can I offer you? In English as in Spanish I offer lssons to target your needs that will take you step by step through your problem areas along with providing you with resources that can help you to enforce what we have learned. I believe lessons should be fun and diverse regardless if you chose only to have conversation classes or a mix of both! 

Hope to see you guys soon on the other side of the camera ready for some learning fun! 

I have the sat PET, ADVANCED and PROFICIENCY Cambridge exams. Finished Spanish obligatory secondary education. A leve psychology and philosophy. I am Currently studying my Businesses with law degree.


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alexandra1093 from United Kingdom provides professional one to one English lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.