Miraculous molecular tools for genetic manipulation

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HI, I am Rashmi M.tech Biotech graduate worked as senior research fellow, awarded NET(national eligibility test for lectureship) and GATE  currently I am home tutor. I am here to serve you with the knowledge and interesting facts of modern biology and biotechnology. I shall give my best to teach you all from basics to standards of all topics.my teaching techniques involves such as using skype chat vedio .animated vedios related to all topics ,important tricks  to memorise the facts, methodologies behind every topics, through flow chart, cycles, pictorial imaginary diagrams etc.


so I am going to deal with my first lecture free for all about "enzymes involve in genetic engineering or recombinant DNA technology”. Different aspects of molecular enzymes which are called as tools in genetic engineering, discovery revolutionised the era of genetics.


Here the topics I ll be going to cover in my lecture: A brief layout


Recombinant: combination of two or more gives rise to a novel


Recombinant DNA: fusion of target DNA with foreign DNA


Role of enzyme to manipulate the target DNA: recombinant DNA technology became possible because of these enzymes ,by cutting at specific site on target and foreign DNA, manipulating, ligating(to re-joining)


TYPES OF ENZYMES Categories and subcategories in detail: Tempelate dependent DNA polymerases,Nucleses,RNases,Restriction endonucleases, DNA end modification enzymes (TERMINAL deoxinucleotide TRANSFERASE,Alkaline phosphatase,T4 polynucleotide kinase, ligases) linkers and adapters


Special focus of this topic(restriction endonuclease in detail):types(I,II,III)


Isoschizomers,neoschizomers and Isocaudomers


Frequency of recognition sequence based problems




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rashmitripathi from India provides professional one to one Biology lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.