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Hello! My name is Lenny and I am both a former teacher and an experienced on-line writer. I am happy to work with all kinds of students at different skill levels. My specialty is essay writing, and I have a lot of personal experience in working with  students who are interested in attending American universities.

And yes, at one time, long ago, I was a student. I remember how frustrating it was to be able to come up with just the right words, the right phrase. I remember the pain and exhaustion.  But I believe that I am a good personality mix and that I can help you write essays that will not only allow you to feel that you are doing more than completing a  “chore” but that will instead give you a sense of fulfillment from your own work.  That feeling often happens during the lesson itself, and makes the whole task easier, smoother, and more rewarding.

I love this technology and I think that it can help both the student and the tutor. I also plan to download a program in addition to the Skype connection that will enable me to see your work on my screen I also tend to keep rather unusual hours, so I can work with students in different time zones. I like my lessons to be flexible, as well as innovative and creative.

I teach one hour lessons and am schedule flexible. My first lesson be free and last only 30 minutes. My hours of availability listed are designed toward students in the United Kingdom, Asia, Australia/New Zealand not to mention here in the United States. My schedule will be posted prior to my general availability, which will commence on Sep 22, 2014.

I enjoy making new acquaintances through my students and trust that your writing experience can be one of accomplishment and creative fulfillment. 


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Lenny7 from United States provides professional one to one Society lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.