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In 2008 I came to Thailand as a self-supporting missionary/humanitarian helping where I can. Prior to coming to Thailand I was a surgical nurse, a Los Angeles County Motorcycle Officer, an American Red Cross CPR/First Aid instructor and a country/western dance instructor. It gives me great joy to see people learn, grow and become better in life and knowing I was a part of their growth.

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Hi! ?? And welcome to my lesson page. Would you like to improve your English speaking skills? Or maybe you are just starting out learning English. Well, whether you are just beginning, intermediate level or advanced level, I can help. I have been an English teacher to learners of English as a second language for over five years now in Thailand. I have work with students of all ages . . . . from 2 to 3 year olds to adult. I have had great success in my classes, ever having one student ranking number five, overall, in national testing. It is my philosophy that learning should be fun. If the students are having fun learning is easier. With that in mind I make my lessons fun and enjoyable. I also teach English which is practical and used in day to day conversations, as English speakers don??t speak the same way we write. For example; ??What are you going to do today?? ?V FORMAL . . . . becomes, ??What??cha gunna do taday??? informal, when speaking. I incorporate the use of slang, idioms and phrasal verbs in my lessons, as well as the respective formal way of saying things. We will cover everyday topics, as well as things you would like to focus on. Be it business English, medical English, eating out or whatever your personal needs are. I will help you to see that learning English is not difficult at all. I will show you how to improve your skills while seeing that English is not as ??BIG AND DAUNTING?? as some would have you think. I will help you to take little steps which when put together will increase your English speaking skills. I have been a teacher for years in other subjects, for example I have taught CPR and First Aid, Surgical practices and techniques, dance, commercial driving, motorcycle safety and grant writing & fundraising. Collectively I have over 35 years experience in teaching. So, let??s get going, let??s start today! Don??t put off until tomorrow what you can do today . . . . . as tomorrow never comes!

Surgical Nurse, specializing in trauma. LAC Motorcycle Escort Officer. Single parent. Missionary Humanitarian
Has patiently taught . . . English to all ages Motorcycle Safety Cpr/First Aid Dance Surgical Technique and Procedures Commercial driving

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loyalwarrior from Thailand provides professional one to one English lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.