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Lesson for Science, Engineering and English. I have a lot of experience in these areas and have travelled to many places around the world for business and general interest. Please have a look at my CV/Resume below and if you like the look of this lesson please let me know. Thanks.

CV/Resume for Grant Oddoye


Current Job Role: Electronic Hardware, Firmware and ICT Engineer
Previous Job Roles: Science Teacher, Business English Teacher, Administrator, DJ, Music Producer, Removal Man, Design Engineer

Nationality: British/UK


2000-2004    Electrical and Information Engineering MEng/BA (Hons.), University of Cambridge, UK

First two years: Unified Engineering (Mechanics, Structures, Mathematical Methods, Materials, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Software)

Third year modules: 3B1 Radio Frequency (RF) Circuits, 3B2 Integrated Digital Electronics, 3B3 Power Electronics, 3B5 Semiconductor Engineering, 3B6 Photonic Technology, 3E2 Marketing, 3F1 Signals and Systems, 3F4 Data Trasnsmission, 3F5 Computer and Network Systems, 3F6 Software Engineering and Design.

Fourth year modules: 4B8 Electronic System Design, 4B10 Optoelectronic Technologies, 4B14 Solar Electronic Power, 4B15 Advanced Telecommunication Networks, 4E4 Management of Technology, 4E7 Enterprise and Business Development, 4F5 Digital Communications, 4F12 Computer Vision and Robotics.

1992-1999    Merchiston Castle School, UK

Grades obtained:
STEP papers: Physics: 1, Maths (paper II): 2
A-levels: Maths: A, Further Maths: A, Physics: A, Chemistry: A
A/S-level: Electronics: A
GCSEs: 4 A*’s and 6 A’s


Electronic Hardware, Firmware and ICT Engineer, Edugear Ltd, UK
18/06/2013 – Now
This role involves the research and development of new engineering and science kits that cover the industries of renewable energy, audio visual and medical technologies.

CIE Physics Teacher, Nanhai International Education Center, China
07/02/2013 – 17/06/2013
This role involved preparing and conducting CIE Physics lessons for high school students at A/S and Pre-A/S Levels (3 A/S classes and 2 Pre-A/S classes with approximately 25 students in each class).

Electronic Hardware, ICT and Software Engineer, Edugear Ltd, UK
25/11/2011 – 06/02/2013
This role involved designing digital, analogue and mixed-signal electronics kits that utilize assembly language and embedded C within microcontrollers for digital functionality and discrete components for analogue functionality. It also involved developing experimental science applications using Python, C/C++, XML, XHTML and 2D/3D CAD modelling tools. Both the applications and kits were geared towards high school and university students, as well as hobbyists.

ICT and Maths/Physics Teacher, NIIT and Lincoln Community School (LCS), Ghana
22/09/2011 – 24/11/2011
These roles involved preparing and conducting Human Computer Interface (HCI) and Structured Systems Analysis and Design (SSAD) classes for NIIT, and conducting various Maths and Physics classes for Lincoln Community School.

Science and English Teacher, LinguaTutor, Berlitz and British Education (BE), China
02/06/2011 – 03/08/2011
These roles involved preparing and conducting various different science and English lessons for a wide variety of students and business people.

Electronic Hardware and Software Development, UK
01/08/2010 – 01/06/2011
During this time I developed some of my own electronics and software projects with a view to taking them to market in the future.

CIE Physics and IELTS/Oral English Teacher, Shanghai Guanghua College (GHC), China
01/08/2009 – 31/07/2010
This role involved preparing and conducting CIE Physics, Oral English and IELTS English lessons for high school students.

GAC ICT, Science and English Teacher, Suzhou Foreign Language School (SFLS), China
02/02/2009 – 30/06/2009
This role involved preparing and conducting ICT, Science and English lessons for primary, junior and high school students.

Renewable Energy Engineering Student, Newcastle University, UK
01/09/2008 – 01/02/2009
During this time I studied the following modules that are part of an MSc (REFLEX course): Resources, Generation and Energy Conversion, Grid Systems, Electrical Generation Systems, Wind and Hydro Energy Technology, Mechanical Power Transmission, Marine and Offshore Devices, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology, Marine and Offshore Structures and Systems, Biomass and Waste Technology, Policy, Politics & Ethics, Energy Management.

Business English Teacher, Education First (EF) and Nova, China and Japan
17/09/2007 – 18/08/2008
This role involved preparing and conducting English language lessons for a wide variety of students and business people.


* Schematic and PCB layout design using Eagle 7.1.0 and ExpressSCH/PCB, including Gerber file production and analysis.
* Test instrumentation system design using LabView and LabWindows/CVI.
* Embedded C, Verilog and VHDL firmware system design.
* Circuit design using ARM cortex microcontroller units (MCUs) such as the STM32, and other MCUs such as the PIC16.
* Hardware knowledge incorporating both analogue and digital components and signals i.e. Mixed Signal Analysis Design.
* ADC/DAC development using C/C++, Velleman boards (such as the K8055), MPLAB IDE and PICkit2.
* Commercial experience of Soldering, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) / Surface Mount Devices (SMD), Fault Finding to Component Level, Oscilloscope use, Test Bench analysis and Digital Multimeter/Logic Probe use.


* Proprietary and Open Source application development using C/C++, Python, ARM and PIC Assembly Language, Tcl/Tk/Qt and XML/XHTML/HTML.
* Advanced use of COMSOL Multiphysics, LabView/LabWindows CVI, C#, MySQL Server, ASP .NET, Perl, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic / VB .NET and Matlab/Simulink.
* Advanced use of LibreOffice and Microsoft Office.
* MySQL Server and Microsoft Access use for Database Management System Design.
* Cross-platform development using Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Windows Operating Systems.
* 2D/3D CAD model development using COMSOL Multiphysics, Google SketchUp 8 and 2014 Make, EagleUp 4.4, Blender and BRL-CAD.


* Native English speaker and Conversational in German - achieved a Merit in Intermediate II German at Cambridge University, UK.
* Intermediate French, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese skills.


* Composing and performing songs using digital and analogue hardware music synthesizers, workstations, hard disk recorders, microphones, electronic and acoustic drum kits, electric guitars and bass guitars.
* Writing and producing songs using various software packages.
* Filming and editing video footage.
* Digital and 35mm film SLR photography.
* Fitness training, long-distance walking, football, basketball.
* Reading publications and journals regarding engineering {biomedical e.g. emdt, qmed; electrical/electronic/software; semiconductor; HVAC and renewable technology e.g. Energy in Buildings & Industry and Energy  Home}, science {environmental; astrophysics e.g. New Scientist and Scientific American}.
* Attending international engineering and medical science conferences, such as Medtech, Electronics Design Show and Sustainability Live.


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