Travel around Greece One...Entaxi? (OK?)

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Welcome all to the Aegean journey of your lifetime, with so many promising they'll return after visiting Greece. While English is spoken there widely, particularly among younger people, numerous tourists are captivated by the language and enrol in Greek lessons either before they travel or upon their return from this land.

Your journey can open up a world of knowledge I can share as a native Greek speaker and of English in being bilingual from a young age from Australia, I spend worthwhile time in Greece have trained to teach Greek.

I can make lessons customised, to suit your preference, whether it's to order a meal at a favourite taverna, some drinks at a local bar, or perhaps a popular sweet well known where you are, try the local version of the famous baklava. This is can be with a Greek, brewed coffee in learning how to state how strong, or weak, you'd like it.

You can practise your skills with new friends, family you may be seeing there, if you're joining a Greek family, if it's simply out of interest or for academic reasons. It can be from conversation skills to becoming artistic, in writing the alphabet dating back centuries, used in neighbouring countries and extending to Russia.

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2928 Administrator 02 Jul 2014 00:54:32
Lyd120 from Australia provides professional one to one Other lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.