Learn Portuguese with fun using Brazilian lyrics and songs

Sean O'Reilly

Despite of my very Irish name, I am a native Brazilian. My father was American, my mother was Brazilian. I almost couldn't see my father during my childhood, and when my parents got divorced I never saw my father again, so I had not that English speaking environment when I grew up, and I decided to learn English later when I was already adult, doing that by myself by using lyrics and songs.

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A language is not something someone teaches you, it is something that you learn almost in the same way you did with your native language. As a child you learned it in a natural way, as an adult what you have to get is how learn a new language, 'cause your native language is already an obstacle along with other ones. That is my offering.

Last year I wrote a book about how to learn English quickly (in Portuguese: Como Aprender Inglês Rapidamente) and I realized that the simple system, by using English lyrics and songs, can be used in the same way to learn any other language, including, of course, Portuguese. My system will help you learn Portuguese in a fun and enthusiastic way, what is very important in your learning process.

I have everything you need to start learn the language and go improving, from the beginner to advanced and talking level. You will do that not only using Brazilian lyrics and songs but also you'll get in touch with jokes, adages, idioms, slangs, our food and everything that involves Brazilian culture, so as you go, step by step, improving your skill, you will gather lots of knowledge about our culture, and country, and history.

I'm a native Portuguese speaker excited with my language and my country. So, with no boring process, I'm gonna carry you away into the Brazilian culture with fun and enthusiasm, until you stay speaking Portuguese like us. Be prepared for lots of songs, and jokes, and fun. You'll turn yourself into a child again, 'cause that is what it's all about, you will be like a child learning again how to speak.

It is not a way to learn a language, it is The Way to learn a language.

Give it a try!

Forget the boring process, just try to have fun during your learning time. With that process I learned the language much faster than in English Schools. That is what I want offer to you, everything I discovered about how to learn a language quickly in a fun and enthusiastic way.
I have 10 years of teaching experience in another area. I'm transferring my ability to this new area that I want to invest.

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2917 Administrator 22 Jun 2014 04:46:49
seanoreillybr from Brazil provides professional one to one Portuguese lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.