A practical guide to the art of violin&viola !

Nikolas Efthymiou

- Studies in Violin and Viola in Wuerzburg and Weimar Musikhochschule Germany. - Pricewinner in international chamber music competitions - Active now with Sextet Casual an experimental group of musicians performing Tango - Member of OchoCuerdas playing music from various styles - Member of Concordia String quartet

Price : US $25.00

The 10 years of Experience in teaching helped me develop an effective system of teaching with exceptionally good results.

 It bases on a simple Idea: - You learn really fast when you do what really interest you, and you have a clear picture of the end target right from the beginning.


Give me a picture of the music you love and you wish to play on the violin and I will guide you there helping you in a practical way to acquire all the technical and musical skills needed.

My approach incorporates elements of Classical schools (Sevcic/Flesch/Dounis), combined with the approach of numerous of great self - taught practical musicians I have encountered.

My repertory ranges from Classical music to Tango, Gipsy, pop, rock and Rebetiko.


Teaching style adjusted to students needs using principles of - Suzuki Method - Kato Havas ,Dounis, and Galamian approach to violin/viola Playing

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1766 Administrator 09 Apr 2014 20:23:31
Nikolasefthymiou from Greece provides professional one to one Violin lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.