Human Microbiome


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Human Microbiome is a current topic for researchers in the world of Microbiology and molecular biology. The way we think about microbes is completely different with this topic. The importance of microorganisms and their contribution to the human body is the main aim of Human microbiome project.

How normally every human being think about microbes are they cause infections and spread diseaes but insted of seeing the negative view of the microbe if we see the positive aspects of the microbes is unlimited. Yes Microbes are every where in and on of our entire body and maintain our body immunity and mechanisms. The human microbiome and the Microbiome Project:  research just beginning… Gut flora by their genes, by-products, and metabolic activity influence our metabolism, weight, activity, immunity, health and disease. Manipulation of gut flora may be an integral part of weight loss programs and different disease treatments in the future.

Future studies must focus on the mechanisms that influence our gut flora.
High quality research should be done. This truly needs translational science to work at the levels of the petri dish, genomics, and clinical outcomes. Hope much much more to come.

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