I have been teaching Spanish and English for over 20 years. As SOLEcuador's Academic Coordinator, I have developed international language and cultural didactic materials, methodology documentation, and have been in charge of educational planning for both, On-Site and Online Courses. I incorporate Latin American politics and history into my intermediate and advanced classes.

Price : US $15.00

Make the most of your lesson time!

If you don't speak any Spanish or just a little, we'll make sure you can understand, speak and write Spanish in a matter of weeks.

Intensive Courses for individuals and groups have been finely honed over the years to satisfy our students' pressing needs to learn Spanish quickly and effectively.


Intensive Spanish Courses consist in a minimum of 5+ hrs per week for Online students and 15+ hrs per week for On-Site students to ensure substantial progress in a matter of a few weeks. As an intensive student you are sure to see substantial progress in a matter of days.

My teaching method takes into consideration students' level, native language, their professional goals, personal needs, learning language skills, cultural interests, and so on. It is based in real situations with methods and techniques used to consolidate the vocabulary and the grammar structures. You will spend time on all 4 skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The focus of the classes is on communication. Though these courses are very challenging, I will make sure that every lesson is given in a fun environment.

If you need to learn Spanish quickly, don't look any further and let's me know what are your parti

Why would you need to take a refinement course?
Generally speaking, advanced students are a factory of errors and over time have a tendency to accumulate all sorts of bad habits. 

Consequently, it's essential for advanced students, who wish to refine their Spanish and polish their language skills even further, to correct habit-forming errors and misconceptions through exercises such as:  development topics of discussion suggested by one of our instructors and delivery of oral presentations, listening and comprehension exercises of different accents, grammar exercises with emphasis on identifying and correcting recurring problems, and researching specific areas of study that interest the student.

Courses for translators and interpreters
The refinement course also offers an in-depth training for translators who wish to communicate more fluidly and improve their translation and interpreting skills from Spanish to English and vice versa.

Specialized Spanish courses have been specifically developed for:

  • Medical students and professionals in the health industry
  • Teachers who wish to review grammar and exchange knowledge and experiences.
  • Professionals in general who need to use business Spanish or apply it in their respective professions.

BED Bachelor of Education (Spanish, English, and French) Universidad Central del Ecuador, Faculty of Philosophy, Education Sciences Main Fields of Studies: ?Language Teaching Techniques ?Grammar: English, Spanish and French Descriptive Spanish and English Linguistics Practical Degree (honors) Oral Degree (honors)
I am devoted to helping students best reach their goals and keeping the classes challenging and enjoyable whether in Ecuador or Online. Since 1991, I have been paying close attention to my students' particular perspectives and aspirations concerning the Spanish language.

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SOLECUADORSKYPE1961 from Ecuador provides professional one to one Spanish lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.