Baroque Violin Lessons


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Katarina Dordevic

Katarina Dordevic holds Master of Music degrees from the Royal Academy of Music, London and the Academy of Music in her native Belgrade, Serbia. Her training includes a broad spectrum of performances and musicianship, whilst her MA from the Royal Academy of Music specialised in Historical Performance on the Baroque violin.

Price : US $50.00

Lessons in baroque & classical music style, violin playing and period instrument technique.

Learn to play Bach & Mozart in a historically informed way.

Grasp the unique style of baroque and classical compositions through skilled tutoring.

I have specialised in baroque violin playing at the Royal Academy of Music in London, studying for two years with Simon Standage, Rachel Podger and Elizabeth Wallfisch at the Historical Performance Department.

I have a wide range of experience performing on  baroque and classical period instruments.

Experience the joy of playing baroque & classical repertoire on modern instruments or copies of original period instruments and their set up!

Master of Arts Royal Academy of Music University of London London, UK Master of Music Academy of Music University of Arts Belgrade, Serbia
Endorsed by the Royal Academy of Music in London for "Breakthrough Baroque" music education project - please see Cambridge University Faculty of Music Collegium Musicum member
Enhanced CRB/DBS Certificate holder

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234 Administrator 27 Feb 2014 12:52:27
Katarinadordevic from London United Kingdom provides professional one to one Violin lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.