Learn Kiswahili Language and African (Kenyan) Culture.


I am an administrative professional by background with over 13years experience, currently pursuing Entrepreneurship. I have lived in Kenya most of my life, however, I have worked and lived in Dubai for 6 years, during which time, I had the chance to travel and tour within Middle East and Asia. My interests and hobbies including, cooking, traveling, running, charity events, hiking, reading, music, and community service.

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I am passionate about my country Kenya, its cultures and Languages especially English and my very own native language Kiswahili.

Having been born and bred in Kenya, I have a good grasp of my local and native language Kiswahili as well as my cultural beliefs which I would like to share with you if you are interested to learn an African language and a new culture.

Based on the languages, I will help you perfect your English if you are not so good at it, however, I will additionally teach you Kiswahili which is a very easy language to learn which is commonly spoken in the East African region i.e. Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania that form the EAC community. Our neighbouring countries such as Somalia, Rwanda and Burundi have often attempted to learn it due to it's popularity and easier communication skills when they visit or for trade purposes.

Kiswahili is most popular amongst tourists who visit Africa as well as they tend to mingle with the locals when they visit for their touristic activities. For instance, 95% percent of the population in Kenya speak Kiswahili, therefore it is imprerative to learn this language if you have an intention or interest to visit East part of Africa. Also, it will be an added knowledge to you and your co-relations in this part of Africa, whether it is business or pleasure.

Our African (Kenyan) culture is also very unique and interesting. I will teach you and demonstrate to you different aspects of our culture such as tribes, food, religion, traditional beliefs, including our geographical regions and the touristic attractions based on different cultures and landmark areas. You will therefore have a feel of travel and tourism through my lessons once you engage me to a session or a few.

On this note, if you want to have a taste of Kenyan cultures including our lovely language Kiswahili and add it to your experience and knowledge, do not hesitate to consider me for lessons that will be engaging and fun.

I am very passionate about teaching people interested to learn a new language such as Kiswahili or English. I am also quite passionate about my culture and beliefs and the general scope of the country and other subjects such as politics and religion in Kenya. I will teach anyone interested to learn, regardless of age, sex, race or present location as long as one has the basic English language skills.
I have no criminal records anywhere.

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Amethyst from Nairobi Kenya provides professional one to one Language lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.