My name is Sarah. I am a qualified English teacher. For seven years I lived, traveled and taught English in China. For 1 year I worked in Changchun, 4 years in Ningbo, 1 year in Kunming. I fell in love with China and its people, and now I decided to teach students from America over skype. If you like English and need it for your work or studies welcome to my online English classes. I will be happy to be your online tutor. Zàijiàn! Sarah mob: +1 (305) 896-4068

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Nǐ hǎo dear students!

My name is Sarah. My husband and I are both qualified English teachers.

Almost seven years we lived, traveled and taught English in China. For one year we lived in Changchun, Jilin province. We liked our life there because we found that people in the north east of China were educated and very sincere. Changchun is a big industrial city, unfortunately development brought pollution with it. But we escaped the pollution when we traveled to Harbin in the middle of winter. It was very cold there but the snow was very white unlike Changchun. The sculptures and houses were made from ice and snow. I wish you could travel to Harbin in winter too.

Our next stop in China was a small city called Cixi. It is known for its longest in the world over the water bridge which connects Ningbo and Hangzhou with Chinese metropolis Shanghai. The city was small but the people of Cixi had big hearts. Sarah and I made friends with many students there. After the 4 years in Cixi in 2012 we went to the south west of China and began teaching English in Kunming. While in Kunming we visited Dali and Lijiang. The two cities are rich in history and natural beauty. Dali is home to Bai and Yi minorities. We took a two hour ferry ride on the Erhai lake and enjoyed the scenery of Cangshan mountains and the lake from the cable car. We explored the cobbled streets of Lijiang and Shuhe old towns, took pictures of old wooden buildings, clear streams and snow capped Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Under the rain we watched "Impression Lijiang" - a cultural show demonstrating the traditions and lifestyles of Naxi, Yi and Bai minorities.

To make our long story short we fell in love with China and its people, and now we decided to teach English to students from America over skype. 

If you like English and need it for your work, studies or want to learn it as a hobby welcome to our online English classes. We will be happy to be your online tutors. And if you decide to visit America we shall be happy to show you around Florida. 



My Work Experience

ESL Teacher

September 2012 to February 2013

Kindergarten FD Education Group – Kunming China

Taught English language skills to pre-school students ages 3-6

Engaged in ESL games with students to further augment student motivation, retain interest and maximize learning

Used children’s literature to teach and reinforce reading, writing, grammar, phonics and to practice listening skills

Made all English classes interesting and varied taking into consideration short attention span in children

Established positive relationships with children and their parents

Created daily lesson plans based on American Curriculum

ESL Teacher 

June 2007 to June 2011

WEB Int. English Training Center – Cixi China

Created daily lesson plans for multilevel high-school and adult ESL classes

Observed and assessed student performance and kept thorough records of progress

Taught lessons encompassing a range of skill-building activities for speaking, writing, reading and listening

Organized extracurricular activities such as English Corners, annual speech contests and field trips

Engaged in cultural immersion programs with students to widen their cultural knowledge and further augment interest in English as a world language

Implemented a variety of teaching methods such as lectures and discussions

Differentiated instruction according to student ability and skill level

Student enrollments increased steadily every month during my employment years at the school

ESL Teacher

October 2005 to May 2007

SINCEN IELTS Training Center – Changchun China

Developed interesting course plans to meet academic needs of students preparing for IELTS speaking and writing test

Designed lesson plans focused on IELTS speaking test and level-appropriate materials

Performed mock IELTS speaking and writing tests giving each student a band score and recommendations on how to achieve a higher score

Coached over 200 students all of whom successfully completed IELTS preparation courses achieving average band score of 5 for Speaking

English Teacher

May 2006 to May 2007

Provincial Kindergarten No.1 – Changchun China

Implemented a variety of young learner teaching methods such as ESL games, songs and contests to maximize student learning and involvement

Observed and assessed student performance and progress of every child giving recommendations to parents

Encouraged children to persevere with challenging tasks in English

Tutored children individually and in small groups to help them with difficult tasks

Used children’s literature and video to teach and reinforce reading, listening and phonics

Differentiated instruction according to student ability and skill level

Encouraged parents to take an active role in their child’s English education

- Certified ESL Instructor for K-12 grade levels and adults - TEFL/TESOL certified - Over 20 years of ESL teaching and tutoring - Over 6 years teaching ESL abroad (China) - Patient and Encouraging - Creative teaching strategies and techniques
Patient ESL Instructor equipped with the knowledge that learning a language takes time and practice, while focusing on the individual needs of each student. Teaching experience ranges from kindergarten students to adult professionals. - Goal-oriented and student-centered instruction. - Skilled ESL Tutor who uses effective and efficient methods of teaching.

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