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Nicole R Forbus

I love to travel; read; write; spend time with loved ones; hike; swim; take nature photographs; teach/mentor youth! I adore the water and try to spend as much time as I can in or near it! I was active in musical theatre as a child/teen, and singing will always be very sacred to me. I love world music, as well as most all other genres. I consider myself extremely philosophical and poetic, and I love getting to know diverse types of people.

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I have been a private academic instructor since 2006, beginning as a volunteer in my university's writing lab, when I, myself, was still a student! The English language is something I am very passionate about, and writing is a big love of mine. I have had a creative writing piece published through my university; this has been my proudest moment as a life-long poet and writer.

I, ultimately, seek to impart my knowledge and appreciation for my native language; I also believe that learning can be creative, enjoyable, and fun! It all comes down to the right blend of method and a personal touch.

I always customize my lessons (online and in-person) on an individual basis; my students will never be subjected to stale, irrelevent, impersonal subject matter! I maintain a current learning repertoire and maximize my performance by using a variety of sources to assist in my teaching.

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching online due to its relaxed, convenient atmosphere - many students also find this alternative medium for learning to be unique, easy to utilize, and a fun way to become more familiar and accessible to one another (teacher/student).

I truly love what I do and this shows in my everyday work; I firmly embody dedication, drive, professionalism, patience, and sensitivity to one's personal learning style/requirements.

Academic Honors Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Creative writing piece featured in the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine's World AIDS Day book (2007)
I have worked with special needs children and adults. Having a background in/degree in psychology has afforded me a fundamental understanding of the emotional and people skills required for assisting those with disabilities.

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5269 ucpsychmajor09@aol.com 11 Jan 2016 19:55:08
Nicole is the ultimate professional: passionate, patient, dedicated, and wonderful with all ages/proficiencies. Truly a class act.
2811 Administrator 23 Dec 2013 01:50:01
Nicolerforbus from Cincinnati United States provides professional one to one English lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.