Brazilian Portuguese for real beginners - first steps

Kevin Kraus

I'm Brazilian and living in London since September 2013. I have a wife and son. I like to consider myself an outsider academic - I have studied for so many years but dedicated myself to the subjects I liked most (translation, literature). I lived in Argentina and USA, but the most of the time in Brazil. I lived in big cities such as Rio and Sao Paulo and worked and studied there as well. I love art, cinema, music and food.

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This is an overview of what the lesson offers.

The first step when learning a language is to know how to introduce yourself and talk about what you do, where do you come from, what is your age and make some questions trying to get the same information from the person/people you're talking to. In order to achieve this first skills you might go through grammar structure, verbs and pronouns but without inner approach to the grammar side of it.

1. Greetings and ways of saying goodbye - formal and informal

2. Basic conversation topics (background/origin, age, regular activities/job)

3. Verbs and pronouns used in conversations above.

My degree is in The Classics (Brazilian and Portuguese language and literature) and my post graduation is in Art and Education. As a writer and poet I have received some awards regarding my poetry skills and I've been published as well.
I like to use the most communicative approaches when teaching a language. I have a very deep knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese and therefore can speak to a range of audiences - this can be very useful to teach protuguese for special purposes (law / business / art / tourism etc) I have good experience in teaching Portuguese and Spanish to foreigners. I also taught English and American Literature at Higher Education level.
I Have no criminal check done yet since I'm in London since September. I don't intend to give classes face to face outside Skype, so that's nothing to worry about me.


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Kevinkraus21 from London United Kingdom provides professional one to one Portuguese lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.