My name is Sonia, I am an Italian native speaker and I live near Milan, the capital of fashion and design. I am in love with my country, its culture and its delicious food. And of course I love Italian language. I have a degree in Economics and I did different jobs but I was not happy, I felt that I wished to do something that I really liked and so I decided to turn a passion into a fulll time job and help people to learn Italian, a language that sounds like music.

Price : US $23.00

I have taught Italian for 8 years to many students from different countries around the world, of any levels and background (students, businessmen, consultants, engineers, lawyers). So I have a lot of experience. I am a professional and passionate teacher, but I am also friendly and very patient. I like to create a relaxed atmosphere so that students can feel comfortable when they study Italian with me, without feeling worried or under pressure.

My lessons are always customized according to students needs, interests and goals and they are suitable for all kind of learners (beginners, intermediates and advanced). During my lessons we will practice the language with dialogues, exercises and a lot of conversation. But we will study also the grammar in a fun way, so that lessons won't be boring. My goal is to help you to develope your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and become every day more fluent and confident with the new language.

I also provide all the materials, including dialogues, texts, audio files, grammar rules and some exercises you can do at home.

So if you want to learn the language for work, for travel, for pleasure or to speak with your boyfriend or girlfriend and his/her family, contact me. A presto!!


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Soniaitalianteacher from Milan Italy provides professional one to one Italian lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.