Learning Biology and its Essentials

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I am a medical technologist/ clinical laboratory scientist wiling to teach biology which includes the basics (cell and its structure and functions, organism taxonomy and nomenclature) and its specifics like microbiology, mycology, parasitology and virology (identification, structure and pathogenesis). 

I can also discuss human histology, anatomy and physiology including the body sytems (skeletal, muscular, digestive ,respiratory etc). In this matter, I have a goal, to explain  in a language easily undrstood by students. This course will be for me, the challenging yet fascinating task since the increasing knowledge of life science continues to unravel new mysteries in our human body.

But if it is just learning the basics alone, then no problem. I can show some techniques for easy remembering and long storage in the memory. There are so many ways to learn this subject while having fun. I will teach the fundamentals in the easiest way I can and for you to be able to understand and not just memorizing it. 

I would really love to share my expertise and knowledge to those interested and I will be pleased to help you. And of course, I will also be assessing your lessons in school to be able to guide you in your education. 

Aim for greatness and success will follow! Kudos!

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2776 Administrator 18 Oct 2013 12:37:17
Kamialaplana from Philippines provides professional one to one Biology lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.