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Nigel Mortimer

My interests include: Computer rebuild/Internet/Website design Reading & Writing for magazines Filming for TV DIY Music/Electric Guitar Football -spectator Motorcycle restoration Socialising Managing, organising and conducting tourism events/guided themed walks. Driving Book Writing

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Working with his Celestial Guide, Nigel Mortimer is able to offer healing. Using a process and energy which is similar to Reiki  (but without the need to impart symbols) called Universal Healing Energy, Nigel channels this healing to you and your loved ones who might need it for a number of reasons effecting health, personal, emotional, or physical injury. In this two hour lesson, you will learn how to use Celestial healing in your own life, what it is, where it comes from and how it works.

Celestial Energy Healing is closely linked to Angelic Healing, but can involve other high source channels too including Celestials from other worlds and dimensions. You do not have to be religious or of any particular faith to receive or use this kind of healing -it is for everyone. Even if you do not believe, this type of energy healing will work for you and others.

Lesson Goals:  In this lesson you will learn to -

  • Recognise what Celestial Energy is
  • Understand how we can become a channel for this Energy
  • How to use this Healing Energy to help ourselves and others
  • Know your Celestial Guides and work with them
  • Keep a Healing Logbook
  • Know your responsibilities when healing others.

The lesson is split into two parts: First part is the actual learning side of things and takes in all of the above goals (1.5 hrs). The second part includes a live internet session in which you meditate while Nigel channels the first time you receive Celestial Healing Energy (for you to use as you progress) - explained as this happens so as to demonstrate the correct way to draw this healing energy towards you in a safe and positive manner (30 mins).

What is Celestial Channeling & Healing?

Messages and important information that can effect your life are brought to us all on a frequency which is not unlike Reiki healing. It is called Universal Healing Energy. Healing can come in the form of information because it allows the receiver to see situations with more clarity, enabling them to make changes in their lives in a positive way and we can use this energy  to chnage the way the body & mind reacts to illness.

Please note: Although I genuinely believe that Celestial Healing can help in aspects of health issues, I strongly recommend that anyone who uses it, should only do so after seeking advice from their doctor or GP. This kind of healing does not replace normal standard health treatments or medicines and is complimentary in all cases. I do not take any responsibility for anyone who may suffer from not taking and agreeing to this statement in all cases.

1990 - 1990 Bradford Met. Council (Social Services) Moving & Handling/Health & Safety Certificate 1998 - 1998 Havelock Training, Shipley Business Studies/Plan 2006 - 2006 Keighley College 7302 City & Guilds Principles in Teaching
2006 - 2006 Keighley College 7302 City & Guilds Principles in Teaching

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Nigel101 from Bradford United Kingdom provides professional one to one Alternative Medicine lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.