Locate lost items with Dowsing

Nigel Mortimer

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Learn about dowsing in order to detect lost items and hidden information in the home, at work or in your business.

We all misplace and lose things that are important to us from time to time, usually just when we need them most! No matter how hard we search, there just doesn't seem to be enough information we can draw on with the conscious mind to help relocate them.

Dowsing enables all of us to be able to use our own psychic abilities to help in such situations. In this course, we will learn what Dowsing is, how it has been used and how you can apply it to help you in everyday life. The course is structured over a four weeks period in which you will be able to recognise your own Dowsing ability, improve it to a level in which you should be able to find almost anything - objects and ideas too.

Lesson Goals & Objectives:swinger

  • To be aware and understand what Dowsing is
  • To be able to recognise the tools used in Dowsing
  • To be able to use Map and remote Dowsing
  • To be able to use Dowsing to locate lost objects
  • To be aware of the application of Dowsing in everyday life

These lessons are intended for anyone who wants to explore and develop their own psychic awareness through dowsing.

Lesson 1 (FREE) - An introduction to Dowsing: What is dowsing, history and use, water divining, can I really do this?

Lesson 2 - Practical Applications: Science & Psychics, dowsing tools, make your dowser, programming tools, how to use tools.

Lesson 3 -  Map Dowsing: how it works, remote viewing, pendulums, area mapping.

Lesson 4 - Dowsing in Real Time: Vibrational fields, Radiesthesia, Health matters, Earth Energies & Ley Lines, paranormal, ghost hunting, Dowsing in the home & business, treasure hunting, missing people & pets, lost property. Dowsing Today.

Review, Discussion and quiz/feedback (FREE) at the end of all lessons taken.

All lessons can be taken as individual units at anytime or the complete course over 4 weeks (paid for weekly). My name is Nigel Mortimer, I will be your tutor for these lessons, which are conducted in a friendly interactive way over skype on the internet using a webcam and microphone. I will give you hands on examples in live time for each part of these lessons and handout worksheets are available too with extra information & lesson resources. The first lesson is free so why not give this a go and see if this course is for you? 

1990 - 1990 Bradford Met. Council (Social Services) Moving & Handling/Health & Safety Certificate 1998 - 1998 Havelock Training, Shipley Business Studies/Plan 2006 - 2006 Keighley College 7302 City & Guilds Principles in Teaching
2006 - 2006 Keighley College 7302 City & Guilds Principles in Teaching

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