Saxophone Technique, Beginning through Advanced

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The best way to learn a musical instrument is through regular, guided practice. I offer consistent lessons to keep your practice efficient and your technique strong. The earlier you learn from a qualified teacher, the more likely you are to avoid bad habits that you will need to painstakingly unlearn later.

For beginning students, I focus on the basics of tone production through relaxation, breathing, emboucher, and tonguing. If your sound is strong from the beginning and your body relaxed, learning basic songs and performing them confidently is easy and fun. I also help a student develop good musical ears and the ability to read music.

As a student progresses, I provide links to materials (songs and exercises) to help steadily improve technique and develop the styles and songs they are most interested in. We can start to tackle more difficult material, as well as improve range range and intonation. I introduce, or help a student understand, the fundamentals of music theory. I also encourage and guide improvisation and musical expression.

For advanced students, I can help with perfecting technique, range, tone, and intonation. We will tackle challenging material in the style or styles you are most interested in, as well as challenging exercises and warm-ups. I can help you find the sound you are looking for - for jazz, classical, and everything in-between. I am well versed in the ins-and outs of jazz improvisation and can take a student far along this path. If your interest is in classical music, I can help you build foundational technique and repertoire to prepare for a professional career.

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2693 Administrator 16 Aug 2013 18:34:11
Jedbeetle from United States provides professional one to one Saxophone lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.