American Sign Language


My name is Kim, I have a desire to teach as many people as I can the art of American Sign Language. This language should be learned by EVERYONE to help consolidate the deaf and hearing world. Please join me in this endeavor

Price : US $5.00

Learn 100 basic everyday words in your first FREE lesson. I will teach you basic sentences that you will need to know to communicate with a deaf person on any level. you will learn to say hello, Introduce yourself and what to say in case of emergencies etc. 

If you are past the Basic Level, I can accomodate your learning needs according to the level that you are on.

American Sign Language is also a great language to teach babies. Children can learn to communicate at an earlier age using sign language.

Through this lesson you will also learn information about Deaf culture and where you can volunteer and/ or socialize with the deaf.


Learn American Sign Languuage Today!! 

I am a member of Germantown Deaf Ministry, Black Deaf Advocates, I am an Interpreting Student at Community College of Philadelphia, I have volunteered at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf and hospitals and have a close relationship with many D/deaf people and am maintaining a rapport in the Deaf community.
I have tutored students at Community College, churches and in the community.


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Kmnotarypb from Philadelphia United States provides professional one to one Accessibility lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.