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Rachel Sexton

I am a senior at Walnut Hills High School, with impressive grades. This is the top high school in my home state of Ohio. I have a strong passion for nature and animals, as well as music and teaching. My favorite subjects are English and Latin, and also Environmental Science. I love to learn, and I love to help others to succeed as I have.

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I have a talent in English, and would like to help others. This lesson is to guide those who struggle through the process of essay writing during high school. How this would work is you would email me your essay so far, I would read it and make my suggestions, then when we talked via Skype I would walk you through your essay step may step and show you how to strengthen it. This could be one lesson or maybe five, but I will help you as much you need. 

I have brought kids in Latin class up from a D to an A in one quarter just through twice a week tutoring sessions.
I am great at helping with memorization as well as clarifying awkward questions. I can proof read papers, or really anything. I provide my email and respond to emails almost immediately whenever I can. So if you have a question outside of a tutorial, I would be happy to answer it for you to help you with homework or anything else you might need. I want to he more than a tutor, I want to be a helping friend. Is is easier to achieve since I am usually closer to my students' age.


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