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New Mexican flautist Jessica QuiƱones blends the fields of flute performance, flute pedagogy, and ethnomusicology into an active international career. Acclaimed for her beautiful tone, detailed musicianship, and innovative teaching techniques, she has given recitals, masterclasses and lectures to audiences across the globe.

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Teaching Philosophy---Jessica's creative and intuitive approach to one-on-one flute lessons center on the individual artistic needs of each person-- to honor everyone's unique musical gifts. Because she doesn't think that all flute players should play and sound the same in their interpretations, she is passionate about teaching her students not only technique, but also helping them to find their own brand of expression, feel and style.

Experience---Jessica has been a flutist for 25 years--only at the young age of 22 she was named by America's Music Teacher National Association (MTNA) as one of the "Best Private Studio Teachers under the age of 30".Her international flute career has taken her from her native New Mexico and across the world to London, Glasgow, Paris, Buenos Aires and beyond, plus an ongoing list of performances in venues across the world.Jessica has  a lot of flute wisdom ready to share with you. Not only does she solely specialise in teaching every aspect of the fluting process, I hold an active international performing and academic career, too. In other words, she embodies what she teaches! To view her current professional experience, please visit www.


'Jessica is an inspiring teacher. Whatever the level of the pupil, and whatever the problems are, she gives wholehearted and thoughtful attention and understanding'. -David M., UK
Because I don't think that all flute players should play and sound the same in their interpretations, I specialise in the art of inspiring students to find their voice in their own creative approaches to Classical western repertoire for flute, from Bach to Muczynski to everything outside (and in between!) Latin American musical styles such as the Tango, Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro. (I am currently finishing up a Doctorate in tango flute performance in the UK)
A full UK CRB to work with students was renewed in 2011

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Jqflutist from Ireland provides professional one to one Woodwind lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.