Photography Step 1: Owning Your Photographic Perspective

Joseph McMillon

I've been practicing photography since I was 14. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Film from Full Sail University when I was 21. To date I've captured thousands of images for well established ministries, bands, companies, and various individual clients taking me all over the United States including Hawaii, and to countries such as Uganda, South Africa, and Great Britain. I've shot everything from portraits, weddings, and action photos to wildlife and landscapes for my clients.

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Have you ever visited your local bookstore, bought a coffee with the hopes of a relaxing evening viewing a couple photo books (maybe polishing your knowledge about the technicalities of photography), only to find yourself discouraged over how far beyond you in skill the artists featured in them are? If that's you then we both have that in common. I cant tell you how many times this has been my experience. But, if you're anything like me, then when this happens, it ultimately drives you to want to work harder at honing in on your own talents. This is the best reaction artists like us can have to such experiences because as most photographers will tell you, it's a game of trial and error. No one picks up a baseball bat and is immediately a 'Babe Ruth' the same as no one picks up a camera and is immediately an 'Ansel Adams'. But this is a good thing! If it weren't this way, we would all be Babe Ruths and Ansel Adams's. What a redundant portfolio we would all have. How boring looking through photography books or watching baseball games would become. Thank GOD it's not that way! Thank GOD we're all made differently. In this fact, your work will never be better or worse than anyone else. It will simply be you. And that, my friend, is the freedom you need to hone in on your talents. Step one in being a great photographer; be yourself. Let me teach you how to master your photographic talents by first teaching you how to hone in on your "photographic perspective".

In "Step 2" we will begin learning the basic tools of the camera such as Exposure, Aperture, ISO, DOF, Focal Length and Distance, and much more.


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Joemac from United States provides professional one to one Photography lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.