Manager as Coach

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  • The Manager as Coach, Remodel Your Management Style
  • Prepaireing to Coach: Complete Job Description
  • Planning, Organizing, Directing, Controlling, are not Coaching functions
  • Coaching is focusing responsibility on the person doing the job
  • Coaching is facilitating communications, teamwork, action planning, problem solving
  • Coaching is ensuring a problem is defined and responsibility assigned
  • Coaching is assisting action and learning
  • Coaches ask a lot of questions: what is a good coaching question
  • The Risks of Coaching:  Fear of loosing control, what type of employee accepts responsibility
  • Coaching changes doubt and confusion to direction, excuses into commitment
  • Coaching enable change; change requires learning, learning demands change
  • Anger does not belong in coaching, know your employee and how they respond to challenge
  • Coaching requires commitment and accepting ambiguities to resolve them
  • Coaching knows the steps of problem solving including analyzing threats to accomplishment
  • Good coaches always have a plan B and a knowledge of what changes success will bring
  • Why listening is often more important that talking
  • Do you have what it takes to become a good coach?


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