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Bryan Preston Henry

Hello! My name is Bryan P. Henry. I have been instructing students of all ages in piano and guitar for 12 years now. I teach both reading music and ear training with a set book series for piano and/or guitar. My students will be sufficiently instructed on both of these methods, but they also have the freedom of learning what they wish to learn.

Price : US $20.00

Welcome to my online Piano/Guitar instruction.

I have been teaching music for 12 years now and have trained many students into furthering their musical experience after studying with me. My instrument expertise includes Piano, Acoustic/Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar. I also instruct Music Theory/Composition and Performance. Many of my past students have had the pleasure of being successful in performing in recitals, musical groups/ensembles, discovering inspirational artists and much more.

My students are trained both classically and in their preferred style (i.e. - Rock/Country). I instruct all styles of music so my students may have an amazing experience in their musical studies and enjoy their practice time at home.

My lessons are set up in 30 minute sessions and require a certain book series with your current instrument. I have the book titles that I instruct from and you can easily aquire them at your local music store or online for even cheaper. I have been teaching from these series for almost 12 years now and they are fantastic for reading sheet music in both Piano and Guitar.

Not only do I instruct using sheet music, I also train the student's ear musically as well. You will learn how to properly identify interval pitches along with chords, scales and even use your ear training skills to help improve the value of your practice time.

My past students have performed in several recitals, including Christmas, spring, etc. and they have played musical works both classical and contemporary. It is a very enjoyable experience looking back on my days as a piano student of 14 years. I have also had the pleasure of performing at the Mid American Guitar Ensemble Festival with the LAGQ and 250 college level guitarists.
I am currently majoring in guitar and music composition/theory at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY, and I also teach a small elementary guitar group at Model Schools close to the campus.


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Bryanhenry87 from Richmond United States provides professional one to one Guitar lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.