Getting Started on Your iPhone


US $75.00

I am a huge Apple nerd and enjoy teaching others how to use their products. I have been doing this for free for my friends and family and they always tell me that I should get paid, so here I am.

Price : US $75.00


My name is Jeremy and I teach others how to get the most out of their mobile devices. I can teach you anything and everything you would like to know about you iPhone. I can also provide answer to techical issues you might be having.

An few examples of things you can learn about your iPhone is:

-Setting up email.

-Setting up reminders and iCal events.

-Setting up iCloud and completing a back up.

-Backing up your phone / syncing with iTunes.

....And much more.

I specialize in teaching to the older generations. I have unmatched patience and willingness to help others learn.

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201 Administrator 16 Feb 2013 01:48:09
Tehhopper from Oklahoma City United States provides professional one to one IT SW & HW lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.